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Fishing for Gurnard

As winter temperatures kick in and the water continues to cool many anglers turn their attention to the humble gurnard. The common version is called the red gurnard, as distinct from the rarer spotted gurnard; and it is a fish that commands respect both on the end of the line and in a frying pan. […]

Fishing The Full Moon

The full moon on Wednesday brought the usual clear, cold weather and with temperatures plummeting fishing has moved suddenly into winter mode. Sea temperatures crashed three degrees – from 15C to 12C – between Sunday and Wednesday, causing the annual migration of snapper from inshore waters out to the depths to kick in. The same […]

Where to catch Snapper in May

Persistent warm weather is prolonging the snapper fishing as water temperatures are not being hit by the frosts which often occur at this time of year. While fish can still be found in some of the main channels, they are also in the mid grounds like at Flat Rock, the Noises, the Ahaaha Rocks, Whangaparaoa […]

Easter Weekend Fishing Tips

Prospects are good for fishing over the long weekend, with conditions excellent for finding a feed of snapper on both coasts. And a full moon on Sunday should deliver fine weather – a phenomenon which occurs most months. Consistent north-easterly winds during the week kept warm water in the shallows, ensuring the snapper remain in […]

Trout Fishing and Hunting

The first rod went off just as the second one had been set, and Noel Bowden joked as he grabbed the rod, “If it all goes like this, we’ll be finished by tonight!” “Well, fishing and hunting isn’t always like this, Noel,” we said. “But it’s a hell of a start!” Noel, a plumber from […]

How to catch a Kingfish

There are a lot of kingfish all around the coast at the moment, and finding legal-sized fish over 75cm is usually not a problem From the Bay of Islands to the Bay of Plenty, and the west coast wherever some structure can be found, there is no shortage of these magnificent fighting fish. At this […]

Catching Snapper

When it comes to catching our favourite fish – snapper – we are always learning. And the best way to learn is to observe other people fishing. Or spend time doing what fishermen all love doing; just talking about it. Some of the most productive fishing to be found from spring through to autumn is […]

GT Fishing Report – Fishing for kahawai

Kahawai – that is the buzz at the moment. And it says a lot about the quality of sport fishing in this country that anglers are going to a lot of trouble to try and keep away from a fish which anywhere else in the world would be held up as a trophy catch. In […]

GT Fishing Report – October 14

A shiny new boat on a trailer behind a shiny, new-looking four-wheel-drive pulled up at the launching ramp on Auckland’s waterfront drive, backed down to the water and the driver got out and proceeded to unhitch the trailer from the towball. When asked what he thought he was doing the gentleman, who obviously came from […]

GT Fishing Report – October 7

Strong west and north-west winds have made fishing difficult, but there are fish to be found when boats can get out. Little Barrier Island has been fishing well to strayline baits fished close to shore in a berley trail and one party caught and released several large snapper last week. There have also been schools […]