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GT Rod Longline
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Plus 10 fully rigged traces!


“This is one the most deadly fish-catching systems I have ever seen,” says GT. “I have been using it for years, and now we are pleased to bring it to the market so everyone can benefit.”


It is a 50-metre longline backbone which can be let out down the current, clipping on the baited traces as it goes and then attaching it to a rod. It works best in a current, but then you always need current to catch snapper. While you often hook small fish close to the boat, the bigger ones always hang back and this rig takes the baits to them. Use tough baits like fresh yellowtail, kahawai or mullet, and attach the line to a strong rod like a 15-kilo outfit. Braid line is ideal, and any old rod will do. It doesn’t have to be a flash game rod. Then put it up in the rocket launcher out of the way while you keep fishing and wait for half an hour. You will see the rod nodding as the hooks load up. Comes with instructions on the packaging.


The photos were from an afternoon out with the Auckland Blues squad, fishing off Kauri Point above the Harbour Bridge. The guys fishing off the back of the boat were plagued by under-sized snapper, but one set of the longline on a rod fished way out the back scored 8 keepers out of 10 hooks. The total catch of 22 snapper included the 8 from the longline.


For more information on the GT Rod Longline and a video of it in use click here.


For spare GT Rod Longline traces click here.



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