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CATCH Beta Bug Pack
$99.00 NZD
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The perfect Snapper Pack, with a huge  range of Beta Bugs and spare Assist hook rigs, plus the Bait Enhancer and pliers – everything is covered. “Snapper love these jigs and smash them, and you’ve got all depths covered,” says GT.


Pack Contains:


CATCH 20gm Beta Bug

CATCH 60gm Beta Bug

CATCH 80gm Beta Bug

CATCH 100gm Beta Bug

CATCH 130gm Beta Bug

CATCH 150gm Beta Bug

CATCH Black Handled Gold Lightweight Pliers 7.5" (19cm)

CATCH  Beta Bite 30ml Bait Enhancer

CATCH 20gm Replacement Assist Rig 2pk

CATCH 60gm Replacement Assist Rig 2pk 

CATCH 80/100gm Replacement Assist Rig 2pk

CATCH 130/150gm Replacement Assist Rig 2pk

Colours may vary from those shown

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