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A thousand uses!


Fitted with LED lights - 5 on the brim and 4 under the brim for full coverage -  with three phases, easy click-on switch and changeable batteries (although the batteries last for hours and hours).

This camo cap is ideal for all outdoor activities that continue beyond the hours of daylight. Whether it be fishing, hunting, camping or hiking you will find the GT Lightcap to be the perfect solution when you need hands free illumination. Or if you prefer the indoors try reading in bed at night without disturbing the person next to you or finding your way through the house in the dark without scrambling for the light switches on the walls; convenient for tradesmen working in dark conditions – just click it on and you’ve got a light – launching the boat in the dark, or just going for a walk or run in the evening and you get caught out in the dark. Don’t worry about carrying a torch – you’ve got it on your head.

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