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berley pot
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GT Killer Berley Pot 3.7kg
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To see the 2.2kg collapsable berley pot CLICK HERE


The ultimate answer to berley on the boat – a berley pot that COLLAPSES. These pots do everything that other pots can do, with weight to take it straight to the bottom and wide mesh for the berley to escape, but when not in use it takes up no room on the boat. You can keep it in a bucket to contain the mess, and even freeze unused berley. Just put the whole pot in a bag and in the freezer.


The GT Killer Berley Pot comes in two sizes - 3.7kg for fishing in currents, and a 2.2kg model for small boats and kayaks in shallow water.


The pot collapses down to as small as 5cm and when open is 40cm+

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